Mystical Inspirations  was  created in 2014. Specializing in fantasy style and wedding style headpieces, ear cuffs, and Jewelry. I make a wide variety of crystal items. sharing a love of crystals and energy into each piece of art created. from my specialties to dream catchers, sun catchers, wands, and multi media art from paintings to boxes spoons bottles  and more. Show casing creations throughout New England and are available online. 


Jessica Michaud  born and raised in Beverly Massachusetts.  Has had a love for art, crystals and energy for over 40 years. Her passion, as a wire wrapping artist for over 9 years is what keeps her happy. " I love making that special piece for each special person." 

Services Offered

Jessica a registered minister (non denomination)  with The universal life church I perform weddings and handfastings .

Meditation, spirit journeys, finding your own power, the world of crystals, energy work, and tarot reading.

Energy sessions. I have studied now for over 20 years many different types of techniques. Including Crystals, Many forms of energy work, Elemental Earth, Bio field tuning, Muscle testing, Chakra Alignments. 

Home parties 

Private tarot readings, In person or over the phone with photos Also group Parties available.

Wire Art Classes

Public speaker


​Jessica Michaud

​​Mystical Inspirations                         Art work by Jessica Michaud