Mystical Inspirations                         Art work by jessica michaud

​Jessica Michaud

As an Artist and designer I started as a child, always loved to make things and collecting crystals. I went on to study art and photography after high school. I met my husband and left college to start a family. As my child got older I started to create again first my love for painting and the art of  pyrography. I then taught myself to work with wire and I started to create pieces with crystals  for  friends and family . This was how  Mystical Inspirationswas born in 2013 . I started designing head pieces and fairy ears the spring of 2014 and They are a specialty of mine now. Keep an eye out for new releases and limited editions.  I enjoy doing unique fantasy art and being able to turn someone into an elf, fairy, princes, or beautiful bride. I believe each of us needs to feel beautiful and I love being able to put a smile on someones face and to know I helped them to feel beautiful and special makes the artwork and designing so much more fullfilling. I always look forward to each new piece I create. I cleanse, charge, and bless all the stones that pass though me to their person. I also offer other services

I am a registered minister (non denomination)  with The universal life church I perform weddings and handfastings .I also teach meditaition, spirit journeys and finding your own power.I also  offer crystal healing and energy work.

Public speaker

Event coordinator