Mystical Inspirations                         Art work by jessica michaud

My Journey started as a young girl who loved collecting rocks and crystals . After finishing high school I attended Endicott collage for art and photography. In 1998 I started studding crystals more closely when I realised they affected things in their proximity.  In 1999 I met an amazing Native American lady, she taught me about Energy work and Tarot. From there I found a love of energy work. At that time I started to practice "laying of the stones" (the art of using crystals to heal the body and aura). A few years later my husband and I  moved to the beautiful state of New Hampshire and my family grew. I continued to study but raising my family was first.When I found myself with more time on my hands in 2013 I started art projects I had wanted to try. Then in  2014  I was studying with a Celtic coven and realized I could incorporate my art and healing work together and share it with the world. So I started creating Mystical inspirations. I expanded the mediums I was working with from painting and pyrography to wire sculptures and Jewelry. And I started teaching energy and crystal classes. Then in 2015 I started offering my Tarot skills and became a High priestess of The Ravens of the moon. In 2016 I became an ordained minister with the church of universal life. In 2017 I received my Reiki 1 certificate. At the moment I am working on my Reiki II  certificate and writing my first book.

 I offer many services

I specialize in Handfastings, full moon rituals, home cleansing, and Croning, 

Perform a marriage of any spiritual background as well as any with none.

Tarot readings private as well as parties and classes on how to read tarot.

Are you looking for spiritual connection? I can help with that, Meditation, spirit journeys, finding your own power. 

Energy healing, crystal healing sessions as well as parties or groups

Art and Jewelry custom items as well as parties

Public speaker

Event coordinator 

​Jessica Michaud